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Conformal Film

PVC film for even pressure distribution for flexible circuits (FPC)

This high temperature PVC film is perfectly designed for filling cavities during the FPC pressing process. We supply PVC in 200µm and 300µm thickness.

Thickness Weight [Kg/m²] Area per Kg [m²/Kg]
200µm / 8 mil
300µm / 12 mil

  • PVC is specially designed for the PCB/FPC process
  • Withstand 185°C (365°F) for 90 Minutes - does not burn!
  • Does not react with PET release film
  • RoHS and REACH conform
  • Available in rolls and sheets

Film sets:
We can supply our foils as sets, two outer sheets release film, and PE (~155°C) or PVC (<185°C) conformal film in the center, fixed together. This sets are custom made according to your temperature, thickness and size requirement. Foil sets bring significant time saving compare to the individual layering of PET release films and conformal film.


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