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Thick Copper Foil

ED (electro deposited) copper foil for power electronics 210 - 400µm/ 6 - 12oz.

We offer 210 ~ 400µm ( 6oz ~ 12oz), low profile high temperature ultra-thick electrolytic copper foil in sheet form up to size 1295 × 1295mm.


Extra-thick electrolytic copper foil with fine grain, high strength, high elongation, excellent physical properties. 


Applicable to automotive, power electric, communication, military, aerospace and other high-power circuit boards.


Our foils has fine crystalline grain structure for good epoxy adhesion after the press cycle. The low profile will avoid the potential piercing (short circuit risk!) when used in thin laminates. The spherical ED grain structure will shorten the etching time and improves underetching. 

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