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PCB Laminate

We carry a wide range of laminates of different types from different regions!

From China we supply:

We can offer many brands and a wide range of types of copper clad laminates, such as FR4, CEM-1, F22, FR2, FR1, XPC. We can also supply unclad materials of various grades, 3240, cotton-phenolic, G10 etc.

Plus specialized material, such as ESD safe unclad for test adapter, high temp laminate for wave solder adapters.

From Europe we supply:

Spezialized high perfomance laminates. Cut-to-your-size laminates. Special requests, edge trimmings, grinded surface etc. We have a large warehouse with a constant stock of about 1mio sq.m. at any time and we can delivery any thickness and cladding withing a few days.

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